Monday, July 13, 2009

animal pics

Here are some pics of the animals just lounging.  Ruby loves to stay close to Luke.  June is still scared of him, and Prinny stays away alot, too much crying for her.  Also, I took a picture of the new paint job of the front door.  Hope you like it Bud and CiCi.  

Baby app. Starbucks and Baby Gap

Jenna and Luke had a doctors appointment today.  I forgot to take pictures.  Then we went to Glenn Eagle shopping center to get some cool clothes for Luke at Baby Gap.  Jenna stopped by Starbucks first.  She was so happy that I brought the camera, just look at her expression entering Starbucks.  Then we went to shop for Luke, and afterwards we went to the Gap for ourselves.  Luke was a trooper and slept the entire time.  All the sales ladies loved him and even let me put him up on one of the tables and put a sign next to him.  See the picture to find out what sign.    

James sighting

I was taking Ruby for a morning walk this morning and came across the professor.  Who is the professor??  James Miller, he is one of my childhood friends that still lives in town.  His dog is named Jim Bob if I remember correctly.  Cici and Bud should get a kick out of this picture.  Good old James.  We are going to try to play basketball today.  

jenna and luke

Jenna has mastered the football hold.  Thanks Tom White.   We also went to Target.  The first picture is Jenna snapping Luke in.