Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our boy singing.

Jenna cried of course. We r so proud if you Luke. You make us such proud parents. Awesome job buddy

From Dad

Lukey's first Christmas concert

Luke and Finn

They are crazy

Xmas 2012

Yeah. The tree fell after Jenna finished it. A few years and a lot of hours later we had her back up. I had to stud it to the wall in three different places. I will not buy such a big tree next year. Maybe.

The tree

Also the new dog that CiCi got Jenna

Too big? Nah

Ok maybe

Tree is down.

Even the boys thought it was too big when we were getting it tagged and measured.

We found are tree

Jenna insisted it was to big. The boys and I thought it was perfect. When we got home I realized Jenna was correct once again.

More Xmas tree pics

More Xmas tree pics

Pledge of allegiance

Luke telling us what he has learned at school. Sorry for the blurry video. This video was recorded about 6 months ago. I am really trying to update.

Boys at Jacks

They love the burgers and milkshakes.

John Deere on the street

Every Sunday I let Luke take the JD out around the town. Strictly for driving lessons. Nothing else. Like skidding down streets and going over potholes and dirt roads. None of that. :)