Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dinner time.

First dinner on the porch this year. Jenna cooked a great meal. Peel your own shrimp, crusty bread, and corn. Thanks Jenna. You are the best!!

Throwing rocks.

Luke and I always go down to the river and throw rocks. It's very relaxing and good practice for Luke throwing stuff. I think he has a really good arm. You should see his form. Dad is really proud.

Luke the Chef

Wolf Pack

Check out our band. It's the wolf pack. Luke is the singer. Finn is the drummer and I am the guitarist.

Hangen with the Mchales.

Pool time

Luke and Finn love going in their pool. Finn loves the water. Luke is a great big brother showing Finn what to do. Good practice for the beach.


Luke jumpin in puddles.