Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Football, pulled pork and A CRUISE SHIP!

We all had a great day today.  Jenna had to go to a bridal shower, so it was just me and the boy watching the Eagles pound on the Panthers.  After that we had a walk, and then ate dinner out on the porch.  Jenna got out the crockpot and roasted a big piece of meat all day.  And to our suprise we saw a cruise ship towards the end of dinner.  Great day, wouldn't want anything else.  O yeah, and the flag guy in town had one of our favorite flags.  You might not know it if you did not see the John Adams special on HBO, or you don't know anything about history.  

Dinner with the Mathays and some unexpected guests

We had Anne and Noah over for dinner last night.  About an hour in Pops and Grams stopped by.  They were at Best Buy and wanted to say hello.  Pops was at Best Buy because he was picking up his new 46 inch LED lcd tv that is only 1.2 INCHES THICK!!!!!  I am not jealous or anything.  We had a great night, but I think Noah and Ruby needed to get a room towards the end of dinner. 

Jennas picture taking

A couple of weeks ago we went to a friends house while Pops and Grams took care of Lukey.  We said we would be home no later then 1030.  But we came back a little later, I think around 1200 ish???  Anyways, on the way home Jenna was taking some photos.  

more pics

random pics

title says it all