Sunday, September 6, 2009

Costco Best Buy and the McHales

Today was not a beach day so the McHales went to the lighthouse and Jenna, Maureen, Lukey, and I went to Costco to buy lobsters for Maureen's birthday dinner.  But Luke and I dropped off the girls and we had some man time at Best Buy.  Luke picked out a tv that we want.  He has very good taste.  When we got home Erin and the family took Lukey on a walk via baby bjorn.  

Maggie Moo

Here are some pics of Maggie.


Rita Night

CiCi made her famous ritas!!  If anyone is familiar with CiCi's concoction it has a lot of tequila in it and you should only have 2 per night.  But Jenna, myself, Noah and Anne consumed 2 pitchers.  Check Jenna wearing Noah's hat at the end of the night.  Jenna was a blast to hang out with after 3 ritas.  Very funny.  Bud held Lukey for two hours while his mother drank Mexico's finest wine until 1 a.m.   

Labor Day at 7 mile and exit 63

I met up with Jenna and Luke at the beach this weekend.  Avalon was sunny and LBI was great yesterday.  But today is overcast.  No tan and bumming around the house.  O well.  Here are some pics of Lukey hangin on the beach and with the G parents.