Monday, August 10, 2009

Yet another sever thunderstorm warning

Last night we experienced another crazy storm.  The lightening was really cool.  I went out to take pictures, and Jenna was yelling at me because the lighting was so close.  I probably looked like a total idiot with my phone held high in the air while lightening was just over my head.  But it was worth it, I got a great lightning pic.  The first one is the quiet before the storm, second is the lightening, and the last one is the rainbow after the storm.  

Another family fun outing.

Went to Giant again.  Lukey likes it because they really crank up the ac.  I guess he is not used to that because our house is usually in the high 70's.  As you can see Luke is finally smiling when he sees us.  Not all the time, but when he does it really makes our day.  We sit in front of him for way too long, making really stupid sounds and faces trying to get one of these smile.  But like I said, when he cracks one of these it is the best thing on earth.  Thanks Lukey! 

more pics of the Mchale, Faulkner, Duncan dinner

Sorry about the pics, I am still trying to get better images with the iphone.  

Mchale's House

We went over to Jenna's sisters house in Chester Springs PA.  It is great to visit because they have a nice pool and a lot of land to run and play around.  Ernie, Rosie, Maureen, Erin, Big Will, Little Will, Maggie, Jenna, Lukey, and myself were all there to hang out and eat a great dinner.