Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Always a great time.

Kids table

Tank and his CiCi

These guys have one serious bond. Finn loves his CiCi.

Mimi's LBI House

After Sandy Jenna, myself, Big Will and Erin went to LBI to see what happened to Mimi's beach house. Her house was fine, but her house in the back pretty much needs to be gutted. You can see the water line in the third picture.

Sandy's destruction


Future soccer player. Or hopefully a NFL kicker.

More pics of the boy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weather is getting cold.

But the boys still want to go outside and rude the John Deere

More Xmas pics.

Jenna narrowed down to the ones on the Allshouses bench. Jenna has done it again. Yet another awesome Christmas card. Good job baby.

Xmas pics

More trying. Luke was getting frustrated. And Finn was running.

Xmas pics

Jenna and I trying to get a picture for the Christmas card. Boys were good for the most part. Luke got a little frustrated and Finn was all over as usual.

Luke and Finn

One of the rare times they are not beating up each other.