Friday, September 13, 2013


Monday, July 1, 2013

Back in Avalon

Luke sure did miss his CiCi. He came home and wanted to snuggle with his CiCi watching Open Season. This summer is already becoming the best. Life is good.

More TMNT party pics.

Luke also likes Superman. So MiMi gave him an awesome Superman set with cap chest plate and crow bar that Luke can bend because he is so strong. Wink. Wink.

TMNT surprise party

MiMi made a surprise party for Luke when we visiting her beach house in LBI. Luke was so excited. MiMi knew he loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and she went all out. Thanks Mims.

LBI in playground

Popsicle in LBI

Luke sitting on MiMi's porch in LBI after a long day on the beach. Looking at this picture makes me realize how big Luke is and how much he is growing. He looks so grown up. Luke. A message from dad. Slow down buddy you are getting too big. I want more time with you at this age. I love you sooooo much.

Biken for Pizza

Finn and Luke helped me get the pizza for the family.

Boys digging

Brady playing with our boys at the beach. Brady is a neighbor that hangs out with Luke and Finn. Thanks Brady.

Super Heroes

Luke has found the wonderful life of super Heroes like Batman Superman and Ironman. Now Finn wants to be part of the crowd. He likes to be flash. He says "I run" and runs all around the porch with Luke. Pretty cute.

Summer 2013

Jenna and the boys went to the beach first because u had to stay in the castle for some school training. Here are the boys playing on the beach and eating at Uncle Bills. Awesome start to a great Summer.

Jenna and her Jeep

When we were about to buy a new car Jenna wanted a jeep wrangler in the worst way. I said no way. 3 years later jeeps r the most popular car around. I even want one. Sorry Jenna. Our beach neighbor has one now and let's Jenna drive it. This is her reaction the first time she for in. We will get one in the future Jenna I promise.


Luke loven his Quad. Finn taking everything in stride. As usually. Nothing bothers that boy.

Riding with the boys

Water ball time

Water Ball

This is a picture that I took before Jenna went out with the girls. I wanted to take a nice pic of her with the water in the background. What I got was Luke squirting Finn. Gotta love our boys.

More Italian Festival

Italian festival fun.

Paige loves to dance. Finn is a watcher.