Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to get to date night

Since restaurants and bars are super close. Jenna and I bike to our destination date night. We have had some great times this summer Jenna. Can't wait to be with you every summer. I love you with everything.

Luke and daddy picking up Friday pizza

We usually order out on Fridays. Luke enjoys coming with me and picking up the food. I think he could make some
good Money doing the same thing in future summers. Father and Son Delivery service. I'm just saying.

More date night pics

Bud is the best driver ever.

Finn stuffing his face

CiCi and her boys.

Pictures from our date nights.

CiCi and Bud let Jenna and I go on a date night every Thursday. We really appreciate it. We have a blast going to different places this summer. Thanks CiCi and Bud. And Luke and Finn for sleeping through our date nights. And the best rhi g about date night in Avalon is that you can walk to your destination. This summer has been a blast.

Birthday breakfast for mommy

Jenna has said that this day was probably the best day of her 2012 summer. It was Jenna's birthday and Luke and I took her out for breakfast. Luke was such a good boy and we really had some awesome food. Jenna only cried a couple of times. We love you mommy. You are the best !!

Junies stoop

Junie loves to lay on CiCi's antique miniature bedroom set. CiCi really doesn't appreciate it. But June has an awesome view.

Decorating for Jenna's Birthday.

CiCi and I put the decorations up when Jenna was asleep.

Luke and Bud.

Luke really enjoys laying with Bud before he goes to bed.

Kids sleeping on the beach.

Kristen, Mike and the two girls came to visit us at Avalon. We had a blast. The kids played hard and sleeped hard on the beach. Good times.

Look what I can do.

Bud got this awesome beach wagon. You can fit a lot of beach stuff if u do it just write.

Ruby being Ruby

Dinner date

Luke and Paige love to have their meals on the porch together.

Finn in the boardwalk.

Summer 2012

Wrapping presents for Luke.

Jenna down in the basement wrapping presents for her boy.