Saturday, August 8, 2009

Morning Walk

Luke, Ruby, and I went on our morning walk today.  But something was different.  There was arrows spray painted on the ground everywhere, and runners with numbers on their chests.  I soon realized that we were in the path of the 10k run today.  We started to head back home because I think we were a little in the way.  We decided to sit on the front step and watch all the runners.  We saw Cochrans son and his girlfriend running, and even Mr. Miller.  Prinny decided to join in the fun, and hang out with Lukey in the backyard for awhile.  

Ground Hog Captured!!!!!!!

One of the groundhogs in the backyard, which has been living in the back of the strand for ever, was caught by a trap yesterday.  It has been doing a lot of damage to Elly and Bonnies' Garden.  He was trapped and sent away, but another one has started digging holes again.  Elly is pissed.  

Just Hangen Out

Here are some pictures of us just lying around.  Also, Yesterday Jenna went to breakfast with her girls.  She took Lukey with her, so she had to give him a quick bath before she left.  I guess that means it was Spikey Friday.  CiCi and Bud, you know what I mean by that.   

Mathay's House

We went to Anne and Noah's house a few days ago to eat some really good food, and learn how to fit braces.  Luke was not very good and cried the entire time.  We got there at 700 and Jenna and I believe that anytime past 7 is to late.  We talked for a little, Anne held Lukey, all the dogs got to say hello, we ate, and then Anne showed me how to put on braces.  It was a great night, thanks guys.