Saturday, May 21, 2011

Walking with Bud


Bud finally has returned after his knee surgery. He looks awesome by the way. Luke was super aimed to hang with his Bud. Last night he skyped with CiCi, nakey and clothed. And finished the day with a show and milk. And he only wanted to sit with his Bud. Great to have you back Bud. Love ya.

Bud message

Luke found a great surprise last night. Bud drew another message to Luke. Since they share a shower bud and Luke always write notes to each other. Bud drew him an awesome water scene with an octopus and fishes.

First strawberry from the garden

Picked to early. Very tart. Too excited.

Pizza party

My kids did awesome on the state test (came up first in the school for reading). So I gave them a choice for a class celebration. They wanted a pizza party and for Luke and Jenna to join. So Jenna made 35 cupcakes and brought the boy to my class. Everybody had lots of fun.