Thursday, June 27, 2013

Duncan Boys Reading.

Luke and Finn reading with Bud


Finn driving in style.

Finn Lambo

Some dude parallel parked on cobblestones. That's ok but he did it with a Lamborghini.

1st E room visit for Finn

Finn got a parricide. And an IV. Finn was not a happy boy.

Luke and Bud

Blue rocks.

Luke won tickets to the Blue Rocks Game for reaching his reading goal in school. Luke said to me he wanted to take Jenna out and buy her dinner. Check the first two pictures to get an idea how much Luke loves his mom. He can't even take his hand away. Such a momma's boy.

Secret Pathway

Luke did not make the walk today. Finn and I found a secret pathway.

Train and boys.

Walking in Downtown wilmington

First fall off big slide

Anybody who grew up in old new castle knows off the big slide at battery park. Well Luke decided to walk up the slide and fell off almost at the top. Yeah buddy. He took it like a champ. As always. Jenna saved the day.

Luke littering.

We correct after video. Mostly Jenna and I cracking up.

Finn driving. Luke teaching.

Good luck Luke. Finn is up to no good.

Finny wants to ride

I thinks he's ready. Already looking for quad or ATV for the Luke.

Philly Zoo

Luke + a tiger + a chip which = total happiness.

Easter night.

I think this is too much for Easter. But Jenna loves it so I love it.

Easter at Church

Our Church did a great job with Easter this year. They even put money into some of the eggs. Kids loved it.

The Finn

Luke and his Bud

Walking with Bud

All four Duncan boys walking the Castle.

Finn and his Dog

The boy loves to recline with rube and watch some TV.

Jumpen Puddles

I always take the boys for a walk when I get home from school. Today it rained and left puddles all over the castle. So mommy actually gave us the green light to jump in all the puddles we wanted to. We took full advantage.