Friday, September 28, 2012

Seems lime yesterday

About 28 years ago, Bud was in the same place but he was posing with me. Bud seemed pretty proud posing for this pic. I got a little teary. It's cool to see bud and Luke become such good buddies. Bud has taken Luke and used him as a little me. He takes him for 2 hour walks talking to all his friends while Luke happily waits behind him. Luke, I totally understand.

Big boy Finn

Loven life at the beach. Our Finn is getting so big. And chunky.

Hangen with Bud and CiCi

Luke had his first sleepover with Bud and CiCi. Luke had a blast spending a couple of days with the g parents. Bud took him to McDonald's and CiCi played and played with her boy. We sure do miss living there like we did this summer. But small visits will have to do.

Who is it

Can you tell if it is Luke or Finn