Saturday, July 30, 2011

Poopy in the potty!!!!

Thus morning while playing downstairs, Luke came to me and said poop. So I asked Luke if he wanted to use his potty. He said yes and sure enough he produced a glorious poop. Seconds later lots of yells and shouts of Joy from Mommy and Daddy. We were going food shopping today, so we thought he could pick out a toy. Way to go Luke. We are sooooooooooo proud of you. Ernie I know you will appreciate the poop pic.

Playing with poopy prize

We promised Luke he could play with his prize for pooping in the potty after he was done his nap. Luke and Jenna played with the puppy play set for a half an hour. You can see how Jenna was concentrating. It also took Jenna about the same time to get up from her sitting position.