Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tummy Time

more pics of Bud and CiCi with the boy

Luke really loves his grandparents.  Today we woke up and it was time for Bud and CiCi to go back to Avalon.  It was really sad because Luke just lights up when he is with Bud and CiCi.  Luke misses you guys.  But we will see you again Thursday.  And Luke said he wants to go back to Avalon, so I guess we will see you guys during Christmas Vaca.  


It was a great night!! Bud was our D.D. so we had lots of fun without worrying about how to get home.  Thanks Bud and CiCi for taking care of our boy.  We had a blast.  

CiCi and Bud visit

On Saturday Jenna and I were going to a Wedding, so Bud and CiCi came over to the Castle and watched the boy.  Luke was sooooo excited to see his grandparents.   Bud, CiCi, Luke, June, and Prinny had a great night.  We also had an awesome night!!  

lukeys first tree

Luke had a great time with decorating his first tree.  It was a a little bit to big, so I had to cut off a couple of inches from the top.  But it turned out really well.