Monday, February 14, 2011

Bath time.

Since Bud and Luke share a shower they have started a new tradition. They write messages to each other on the tiles. Luke was very suprised to see a Valentines day card via bathroom crayons. Thanks Bud. Luke loved it.

Valentines Day Dinner

Jenna cooked an awesome dinner and Luke enjoyed one of the last cupcakes. Happy Valentines Day everybody. CiCi, Bud, Andrea, Jack, Suzie, J, Paul, Susan, Miles, Annie, Anne, Noah, Benny, and off course the Avalon Keysers. Also all the dogs and Jr. Hope u had a great night.


Jenna made my class awesome cupcakes with frosting and jimmies. They loved them. Thanks Jenna, you are the best wife ever. Love you.