Sunday, November 13, 2011

The boys.

Look at the fear in Finn's eyes. Luke. Just you wait. Finn has major payback.

Run the boy

CiCi ran me when I was little and had too much energy. Lately, Luke has been crazy. So I decided to take one out of CiCi's book. I ran Luke all over the place. Luke loved it. Thanks CiCi.

Anne the iron woman.

Aunt Anne ran a 5 k for her alma mater this weekend. Jenna, Finn, Luke and myself waited for her on the strand to cheer her on. Anne did a great job. The Duncan Clan is super proud of you. Go cup of cheese.


Jenna made one of my favorites. Pasta and meat. CiCi used to make this when I was in high school. She would make pounds of it and I would eat it all week after I came home from sports. Thanks Jenna and CiCi. O yeah. Luke loved it!

Luke's castle.

Luke has established the court house his castle. He says he bought it with coins from mommy. Thanks Jenna.

Luke and Dad.

Luke. You are my boy. I love you so much. Even when you drive me and mommy nuts. I love hangen with you.

Life is good.

The boy loves to sleep.