Friday, October 26, 2012

Pinterest has nothing on CiCi

Jenna was looking for ideas to decorate Luke's new grownup big boy room. Jenna came across a Pinterest post that had old board games hung in kids rooms. Jenna loved the idea and told me she was going to buy some of the games on Amazon for 30 bucks each. But I had to remind her that CiCi had framed old board games to hang in my bathroom 25 years ago. Jenna was super excited and the games were up on Luke's wall 2 weeks later. Thank you CiCi for your ability to know popular trends before they actually happen. Like 30 years before their time. CiCi , you always amaze me. Love you.

Luke's new room.

Jenna had a great idea from Pinterest to hang old game boards on kids rooms walls. Jenna was going to but them on Amazon for about 30 bucks a piece. But thank goodness for CiCi. CiCi did this idea about 20 years ago, and we had 4 board games about 50 years old in a closet in the house. Jenna put them in Luke's new style bedroom and they look awesome. Thanks CiCi for being ahead of your time.

Luke and Finn

Luke and Finn love to watch the boats together.

Finny hanging out

1st day of preschool

1st Day of Preschool

Luke, Finn , Bud Jenna and myself took Luke to his first day of preschool. Jenna cried just a little. Luke had no problem. He put his penguin book bag in his little cubby and went in with no problem. I was the one who would not leave. I kept pocking my head in to see what Luke was doing. Jenna finally got me to leave, after Jenna yelling at me a couple of times. Luke, you r such a big boy, growing every day. Just slow down will ya.

No more baby bed

Last night we took out Luke's old crib and put the bed in his room that I used to sleep on. Bud helped us put it together. Jenna was a little sad but was happy to see how excited Luke was. Once the bed was put together Luke wanted mommy to read him a story. Awesome night.

Luke and Finn driving.

More driving

Boys on the John Deere

Finn loves to drive the John Deere with Luke. The backyard is the best spot for driving. The neighbors love to see the boys go back and forth up and down. Beat purchase ever.

Jenna peeling out