Monday, July 20, 2009

arrived at lbi

Here are some pics of our arrival.  We got to Lbi around 2ish.  Jenna and I went to the beach while Lukey slept and Maureen took care of the boy.  Shocker, I forgot my battery for the camera, so I can't take anymore pics.  Hopefully Erin will bring her camera tomorrow.  

JR. crying

This is how JR. is for the entire car ride.  
Sorry about the background person talking in the background.  I was listening to Howard Stern and there was a annoying trashy caller saying some obscene things.    

Going to the beach

Today Monday July 20th, we are finally going to the beach.  I started packing the car last night, and almost filled the entire car.  Total amount in car.  2 dogs, 1 cat who cries  all the way to the beach, 2 grown ups, 1 baby, 1 stroller, 1 car seat and dock, vibrating chair, case of corona, 2 bottles of wine, a week of groceries, 2 bags of clothes for us, 4 bags of clothes for Luke (figure that), bag of dog food and bones, 1 breast bump, etc..., etc...  You get the idea.  All of this equals one car full of INSANITY! 

1st trip to Giant

Title explains it all.  

Capers and Lemons

Saturday we went out on our first date since Lukey was born.  Ernie, Rosie, Gail and Gene came over to babysit Luke.  I forgot to take the camera, but we went out with our friends Mike and Kristen.  It was a great night.  Thank god for grandparents.  

Yellow Boy

The tomatoes are just coming in and Jenna and Luke are holding the first one of the summer.   Luke is just trying out his crib, we are going to start tummy time soon.  

More pics from the week

back in action

Our family has not been able to blog since last Monday.  The charger was broken to the  computer, so we could not do a thing.  So, here are some pics of the last few days.   Jenna is relaxing after feeding.  It has been tough for Jenna but she is getting through it.  Also, we try to take the dogs for two walks a day.  Carrie got to hang out with Lukey too.