Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Saturday

We got a special visit from Luke's girlfriend and family today. Mike, Kristen, Paige and Irie came to the castle for a visit. It was a great day!! We had Portifinos for Lunch and Coronas for an after lunch snack. Paige has a boxer too, so Rubey had a great time playing around with Irie. Check out the cool pics. Try to tell the difference between the dogs. They are practically twins.


  1. The babies are so adorable, their cuteness "BRIMS" over in those hats!
    Naturally Ruby is the boxer nearest the tree...I'd recognize that pink snout anywhere!
    What a perfect day to hang out by the river!

  2. P.S. I LOVE Luke's blog, I realize how busy he is, but I appreciate M&D helping him publish. Please keep it coming!!!

  3. Sorry we missed you guys today....Paige is so much bigger now! Talk to you soon.

  4. P.P.S. Did I mention how much I LOVE reading Luke's blog? Really LOVE reading the kidding, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading Luke's blog!!!!!!!!!!!!