Saturday, July 30, 2011

Poopy in the potty!!!!

Thus morning while playing downstairs, Luke came to me and said poop. So I asked Luke if he wanted to use his potty. He said yes and sure enough he produced a glorious poop. Seconds later lots of yells and shouts of Joy from Mommy and Daddy. We were going food shopping today, so we thought he could pick out a toy. Way to go Luke. We are sooooooooooo proud of you. Ernie I know you will appreciate the poop pic.


  1. Thanks, Sam, I am so at ease, now that the Christmas card photo is secured. All of our friends and relatives are SO going to love the poo-poo pic. (are you absolutely out of your @#*#@ mind)?

  2. that is the cutest little poo i have ever seen. gross, but still cute. way to go lukey! cant wait to see you saturday